Our Health Focused Lines

Our Health Focused Lines


Antibacterial solution takes the lead

Makroteks-Textile is continuing the development of its health-focused towels, adding new products to its collection.

Among the products the supplier from Turkey will be showing during the virtual edition of the New York Home Fashions Market will be Chloe, a 100% cotton towel with antibacterial properties. The towels, according to Ismail Aktim, vice president, retain their germ-fighting features for 50 to 60 wash cycles. Anti-bacterial terry towels have been in demand, he said, and the call for antibacterial bathrobes is also on the rise.

Also being featured by the company is a line of Italian silk, modal and Turkish combed cotton blend towels. Treatment with antimicrobial agents can make the silk resistant to microbes, Aktim explained. "Silk blended towels are amazing." he said, adding that they will be coming to market under a high-end brand in 2021. 

The company's virtual showroom will likely take the form of a website that can show the texture of the products and feature clear descriptions, said Aktim. "Every market we introduce new collections to our customers," he said, including new colors and designs. 

While the pandemic has seriously impacted retailers, Aktim said the consumers, "priorities in our life has been changing. Towels are necessities; we need them in our daily life." And he foresees more buying of essentials rather than spending on fashion or some other categories.

An article from September 2020: HOMETEXTILESTODAY.COM
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