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Great Robes

Bought two of these for guests to use in my new spa. Going back now to order two more. They are a nice weight and thickness. Highly recommend.

Hands down the best towels!

Hands down the best towels I've ever owned. The design is beautiful, they are soft, absorbent, luxurious, and they wash well! What a great value. Unbeatable.

Elegant Luxury

These towels are not only beautiful, but they are soft and absorbent. They wash well. The design is elegant and not "boring". You'll love them.

Incredible Towels

These towels are so soft, so dense, so absorbent. They are the epitome of luxurious towels. Only issue with them is that the band shrunk a lot in the first wash, despite following the washing instructions.

Great quality

Excellent quality, value and service. Towels are 40”x80”. They are plush. I contacted customer service because I received only one towel. They told me to send them a picture of what I had received. Ten days later I received the second towel.


Ever stay at a motel or hotel and the towels/wash cloths are thin, scratchy, easily worn out, etc?
These are not those washcloths!
Ever purchase nicer/more expensive big box store washcloths that take multiple washings to soften, shrink, leaving lint in the wash, half of the washcloth in the dryers lint screen and/or take forever to dry?
These are not those washcloths!
Ever purchase less expensive washcloths for price savings or dislike heavy, thick washcloths, finding the washcloths are too thin, scratchy, shrink and wear out quickly?
These are not those washcloths!
You'll be very pleasantly surprised, if like myself, you're looking for a better quality, perfectly sized, medium weight/thickness, nicely soft with enough texture to really cleanse your body well washcloth.
These are excellent face and body cloths! They're soft enough to use for baby/elderly/sensitive skin. They're thick enough for all family members. An elderly/frail/arthritic person should have no difficulty using these washcloths. They're easily wrung out by hand but hold enough water for lathering, face washing, freshening up, bathing, etc.
There's absolutely no fabric loss or lint, shrinking or extended drying time during the first laundering or afterwards, even when using commercial washers and dryers.
I purchased these "Hospitality" washcloths for my personal, everyday use. They're exactly what I was searching for. I honestly enjoy using them! ( I ordered more for other family members. )
Also, please know, this company has excellent customer service! They were professional, kind and quickly responded to my emails when I made an address error for a gift purchase.
I find the quality of these washcloths to be very good and the pricing to be very fair.
The only change I Might wish for, is for these to be a true/bright white and bleachable. BUT, I also appreciate not having to keep these true/bright white.
Delivery: The washcloths were stacked in a clear, plastic, sealed bag. I don't recall if the bag was in either a mailer or box. ( It's been a few weeks since my purchase )
Upon opening, there were zero stains or odors.
All edges were nicely sewn.
Each washcloth was cloth and paper tagged.
* I personally despise those plastic- punch through- tag holders. I would much rather see a single piece of paper laid on top of the stack of washcloths - inside the sealed bag - OR - a single sticker on the outside of the plastic bag. This is my personal preference. The company may prefer their method of quality control. 😊
I am a new customer who purchased for myself, returning to purchase again as gifts for my adult children. I plan to be a return customer.
I hope my review helps others who are looking for the same quality and/or price range .

Nice towels

Very reasonable price for the quality. They were plush and got even softer after the first wash. Thanks!

Nicest towels so far

I purchased these wash rags and love them. I liked them so much I ordered four additional towels. The perfect blend of cotton and just a little silk blend it into the way made the fabric perfect. I will definitely be ordering more in the future. The person I talk to made special arrangements to get me the towels. Great customer service. Can't say enough about these people.

Larue Turkish Towel Set

I own 4 sets of these towels. So far the Sea Grass, Platinum, and Stone are perfect. They are exactly what I was looking for. I would skip the Gray. The color is beautiful, but it is starting to fade and I’ve only had it a couple of weeks.

Excellent experience

Best towels I have ever come across - so lush and luxurious. All worth it. Ordering more for my household and recommending to family n friends. Your quality and design surpasses all....

size exchange

HI, I love the robes, but I would need to return one "M" size as I will be ordering a "L" size later on.
We are now returning to Canada and will be back in the fall. How do I go about returning the "unopened" package size "M".
Thank you,
Madeleine Mathieu


I am pleased with my order. However, from the online description I thought I was getting extremely thick towels. These appear to be good quality in terms of density, but not thickness.

Excellent purchase

Great towels, large size and feels soft!

Brampton hand towels

Very soft hand towels. I am very pleased with my purchase

Men's Terry Cloth Robe

My fiancee & I very please with robe. Thank you.

These towels were well made but not as heavy and as plush as I would have preferred. Still looking.

Quality robe!

So comfy and warm, generous length.

Great Robe

Very satisfied with my purchase. Shipped & arrived within 3 days of order. Would highly recommend !

Great Gift!

I purchased this for my husband for Christmas. He is really enjoying it. The length and fit are perfect and the waffle weave is very absorbent without being bulky and heavy.

Big towels

Bought as gift for hubby. He loves the big size & very absorbing

Excellent robe

Better than expected item. Very heavy robe that is very nice to wear, a luxurious experience.

Great robe!

My husband loves the Turkish Waffle Weave robe I got him for Christmas. The color is great, the length is perfect, and the sleeves aren't too wide! After a few more washings, it should be very comfy. A great value for the money - I may need to buy one for me!

I love my robe. It is so warm and comfy. My only wish is that it came in petite. Large all over but I still love it
If you ever offer it in petite o will buy more and suggest your company to my friends

Bathrobe was a gift for my brother....he loves it! Thank you

Great Bathrobe

This is the best Reasonably priced bathrobe on the market and I should know because I ordered different ones only to return them.
You cannot go wrong order and enjoy😊