What Does GSM Mean?

What Does GSM Mean?


GSM stands for Grams per Square Meter, and refers to the weight & quality of the fabric. A higher GSM generally means a higher quality towel. The best quality Turkish towels are between 600-1,000 GSM because of their superior absorbency. Lower quality towels tend to fall between 200-400 GSM, and aren't nearly as soft or absorbent as their higher-GSM counterparts.

What Does GSM Mean?

200-400 GSM

Towels that are below 400 GSM are light and thin, but quick to dry. These types of towels are usually best for gyms, kitchen towels, or beach towels. 

GSM Beach Towels - Quick Drying & Highly Absorbent

400-600 GSM

Towels that fall between 400 - 600 GSM are medium weight, very absorbent, and tend to be on the fluffy side. These towels tend to be perfect for hotels, spas, and general home use. 

500 GSM Bath Towels For Your Home Linen Closet

600-1,000 GSM

Towels in the 600-1,000 GSM range are premium quality towels that are heavier, and much more absorbent than their lower-GSM counterparts. Though they take slightly longer to dry, these towels are some of the most luxurious towels you'll ever find. 

Luxury Bath Towels Above 600 GSM - Perfect For Your Home

What GSM Should I Choose?

We hear this question a lot, and it changes from person to person. A gym-goer may want a fast-drying, lower GSM towel around 350 GSM like our Soft Baby Towels to use when they work out. A bed & breakfast owner may want towels between 400-600 GSM such as our Hospitality Collection so their guests can enjoy a dense, fluffy towel. Towels above 600 GSM such as our Zenith Bath Sheets are great for your home's linen closet. They are much more absorbent, fluffier, and heavier than lower GSM towels, and work very well for daily use. Next time you're shopping around, use these tips to find the perfect fluffy towel for you!

  • 600-1,000 GSM is a premium quality towel that's very absorbent
  • 400-600 GSM is a mid-range towel that is fast to dry and absorbs a decent amount of liquid
  • 200-400 GSM is a lower-end towel that is great for gyms and the beach, but maybe not for daily home use
  • Never EVER use polyester towels. Just don't. 

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Got these Turkish cotton bath mats at a great sale price!
They are thick & of very nice quality.
Shipped quickly, as well.

Awesome washcloths

The washcloths arrived in just a few days. They feel like the kind of washcloths that they have in luxury hotels. I would recommend them to everyone!

Great color

The color is beautiful. I've only washed them once so honestly I don't know how well the color will hold up. One towel was shedding after one wash.

Good product

A little pricey. The turquoise blue did not match the turquoise blue of the robe. Very nice quality but 30$ for a towel? I added it to avoid 19$ for shipping. Order processed and shipped quickly. I wish embroideries/monogram available. I will order from this company for again!

Very thick, looks to be of good quality. Wife likes it a lot. Price reasonable & shipping very quick