Top 5 Bathroom Decor Ideas

Top 5 Bathroom Decor Ideas

This might not be a shocker for you anymore: an interesting survey result stated that a big chunk of average present-day women chooses to spend time in bathroom to unwind. Yes, you heard it! It may sound a little bizarre, but this is oh-so-true. Another recent study on modern housing architectures stated that there is an increasing trend of keeping “his” and “her” bathrooms separate while designing a house. This, of course, means one thing: a bathroom is more than just a necessity now, for most people it serves as a sanctuary these days.

So, if you are going to spend so much time there, you might as well keep your bathroom décor topnotch to elevate your mood. We have already covered how to decorate your bathroom like a luxury spa, but here are more bathroom décor tips for you: 

1- Combine a Rustic Theme with a Modern Vibe

Modern Bathroom by Elle Decor

One of our top bathroom décor tips include giving your bathroom a personalized rustic touch. These days it is so common to have a contemporary minimalistic approach that the old rustic vibe gets lost somewhere. Add a countryside burst of freshness to your bathroom by adding a fresh indoor plant just by your basin.

2- Use Art for Walls

Wall Art Bathroom Decor 

Adorn any of your bare bathroom wall with your favorite artwork. It could be a piece of painting or simple calligraphy piece. Something to bring vibrancy and life to your bathroom is what you are aiming for.

3- Use Coordinating Towels

Please don’t underestimate the power of coordinating towels. From hand towels, to bath robes – you would need a vast variety of towels in your bathroom. Might we suggest checking out to pick up home towels that match your bathroom color scheme? You would get superlative quality Turkish towels online in such affordable rates here.

4- Vintage Candle Stand

Vintage Candle Stand Home Decor

A vintage gold candle stand perched at the bathtub side or on the counter would give a very luxurious vibe to your bathroom. For a next level comfort, go for aroma therapeutic candles such as lavender and lemongrass scents.

5- Large Framed Mirrors

Bathroom Mirror Luxury Decor

Large framed mirrors are the best way to practically decorate efficiently small bathrooms. Mirrors not only open up the space by creating an illusion of larger room but they also serve as more than just a fancy décor in the bathroom. So, you really are killing two birds with one arrow here.


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