How to Decorate Your Bathroom like a Spa?

How to Decorate Your Bathroom like a Spa?

How to Decorate Your Bathroom like a Spa?

Did you know the most relaxing time for an average American woman with kids is spent in her bathroom? Shocker! Isn’t it? Well, it is true. Bathroom, for most women is their sanctuary. From taking important life decisions in a quick shower to washing away their worries in long relaxing baths – bathrooms serve a lot more purposes than we actually give them credit for.

So, then it is settled that a bathroom is an important part of any household. Wouldn’t it be nice to perk it up a little? Do some revamping. Give it a spa-like vibe. All on a budget and with minimum effort! The most important thing to revamp your bathroom like a spa is to get stuff that is actually luxurious and made to use at spas or hotels. You can start by replacing your ordinary bath towels with Turkish cotton towels or towels for hotels. Towels that are actually made for hotels would have a certain type of luxurious vibe about them. For starters, they would be manufactured with the finest of the fibers there is! Get yourself some Turkish Towels if you are feeling extra fancy. Look for wholesale Turkish towels online, you will find out various online stores for Turkish Towels selling top notch quality in affordable rates.

Next, the towels for hotels you get should be stored or hanged like a hotel in your bathroom for a proper deluxe vibe. If you are not particularly crafty, get a wine cooler rack. Spray paint it a vintage gold color and use it as a towel stand. Just roll your towels and place in it. Easy peasy!

Turkish cotton towel holder idea DIY do it yourself home making

A bonus tip: while looking for wholesale Turkish Towels online, go for sizes that are big enough to be an appropriate cover up! This way, you can apply your body butters, do your hair and makeup in your bathroom – all the while being in the comfort of your cozy snuggly towel! Place a potpourri jar on your bathroom counter for some fragrance and aroma.

towel rack holder for hotels spas bathrooms

Another easy way to instantly give your bathroom a luxury spa vibe is to keep things really white. The color white reflects serenity and peace thus calms down one’s nerves. You can use a decorative wooden ladder in your bathroom as a bath towel holder. Also, introduce some greenery to your bathroom. A small nice plant would bring in a burst of energy and freshness to your place.

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