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How to Pick a Bathrobe to Suit Your Lifestyle?

Have you ever wondered which bathrobe is right for you? Deciding which bathrobe to match your lifestyle is no picnic. This is one personal hygiene item that not only is an absolute necessity but also borderline counts as a solid luxury. Back in the day, luxury bathrobes were only associated with lavish hotels and expensive spas.  But now, thanks to several online towels stores, such as classicturkishtowels.com you can absolutely shop the premium quality bathrobes made out of the finest quality of Turkish cotton at the comfort of your home.

From large bathrobes for men to petite sleek bathrobe styles for women, there is a lot to consider before you can settle on the perfect bathrobe to fit into your lifestyle. Let’s get into the nitty-gritty of bathrobe basics so you can figure out what would work best for you:


Fabric is the first and foremost thing to consider when buying bathrobe, of course. The entire purpose of putting on a bathrobe is to get you relaxed and calm so how the fabric feels against your skin and how much it weigh really matter. Terry cloth and waffle weave bathrobes are considered best fabric options for bathrobes. Terry cloth robe is usually thick and plush hence best suited for colder weathers when you would want to snuggle up post hot-shower beside a window with a hot mug of cocoa. And, waffle weave – the thinner and lighter bathrobe fabric – would work perfectly well for summers when you would want something cooler yet efficiently absorbent.

In addition to these two, there is always high grade Turkish cotton bathrobes that not only feel extra soft but also stands for a highly elegant and high-culture choice.


Bathrobes are just not a necessity. Let’s get real, you can very well dry up your body with a big towel sheet; if you pick a bathrobe instead, it indicates that you want to maintain a certain lifestyle and enhance your quality of living.

Salbakos Shawl Collar Bathrobe

If that’s the case, our online store of Classic Turkish Towels feature a plethora of bathrobes for men and women to fit an individual’s lifestyle. Checkout our range of waffle weave light weight sailor robes. It’s fancy, it is elegant and quite frankly a reminiscent of old Hollywood macho-man glam.

For the lady of the house who prefer to brew her morning coffee in a bathrobe before getting ready for the day, we suggest this chic and sleek kimono style bathrobe made up of terry cloth. Perfect for the summer season ahead us.

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Pleased customer

I'm very picky when it comes to towels. This was my first time trying a towel with ribs but now I'm hooked! I love these towels. They dry me off perfectly!

Good after a wash or two

They don't soak up much water at first but after a couple washes they seemed to do just fine.

Finally found this color!!!

I've been looking everywhere for this "tiffany blue" color! This towel is beautiful and does it's job very well.

Beautiful towels

Once you wash them a couple times they are super soft!

Love the ribs

The ribs add a nice texture to this towel. I've used mine for a few weeks now and it is perfect for daily use!