Frequently Asked Questions About Turkish Towels

Q. My Turkish towel just moves the water around. It doesn't absorb anything! What gives?

A. This is completely normal for a fresh out-of-the-box Turkish towel and will not occur anymore once the towel has been washed a couple times. Be sure to wash your towels at least twice before first use.

Q. What's the difference between Turkish cotton and Egyptian cotton?

A. The main difference is the proportions of absorbency and softness. Egyptian cotton is great at absorbing water but it stays wet long after use. Turkish cotton provides the perfect mix of absorbency and softness to create the perfect towel.

Q. Why buy Classic Turkish Towels? 

A. Classic Turkish Towels manufactures our own towels at our mill in Denizli, Turkey. Our customer service is unmatched and we pride ourselves on extremely fast shipping times. Most orders are shipped out within the same business day. 

Q. What chemicals are used during the manufacturing process?

A. None! Those pure white towels you see are completely natural.

Q. Not even bleach? Are you Sure?

A. Yep! No chemicals means no chemicals.

Q. Are these towels safe for my family? 

A. Absolutely! These are safe for kids, adults, guests, pets and your in laws.

Q. Can I buy these in stores?

A. Nope! We offer the lowest prices possible by cutting out the middle man. We ship directly to you when a purchase is made.

Q. How do I return an item I bought on

A. Simple! Just email us using this form and we will process your return post-haste

Q. Can I purchase your towels wholesale?

A. Absolutely! We serve clients all over the world. Simply contact us using this form and we will get back to you as soon as possible (usually within an hour or two!)

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