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Top 5 Garden Care Tips

Believe it or not, gardening is all about being organized. You don’t get to cherish a lush green garden if you are lazy or sluggish or just too consumed to extend some serious TLC that your outdoor plants would need. Savvy expert gardeners start preparing for their summer garden right when they witness the first signs of winters leaving. But, if you weren’t quick enough back then, fret not. There are still ways you can save the day and manage to have your own magnificent summer garden to spend your afternoons.

Here are the top 5 tips to start and take care of a home garden:

1- Plan ahead

What you really need to do to yield a great home garden is plan what sort of results you want. Are you planning to have a kitchen garden at home? If so, do you intend to grow just vegetables and herbs in your home garden? Or, do you wish to grow fruit plants too? Each type of plant requires separate kind of care and it is important for you to educate yourself on it before planting the seeds.

2- Pick a Place

You really don’t need a huge space to start a home garden. An abandoned patch in the backyard, your balcony or an open area besides your kitchen can turn into an excellent home garden. Modern housing architectures are very favorable to rooftop gardens as well, would keep your rooms cooler in the warmer weather. So pick a place and then decide on plants accordingly. Since, you would have to factor in lots of details such as the availability of sunlight, nature of soil depending on the place you pick.

3- Pick Plants Wisely

If you are a beginner, opt for plants that are easy to grow and take care of. Seasonal flower plants are usually easy to take care of, but you must be on top of your game during the planting season. Annual plants like tomatoes hate winters, so be wary of that. Go for easy-to-grow beginner’s plants such as peppers, cucumbers, mint, marigolds, sunflowers and zinnias.

4- Add a touch of Luxury

The only reason you want a garden is to feel relaxed and calm. Don’t forget to get some rustic cane chairs and table for your garden to enjoy your morning coffee. Check out Antalya Collection Hand Towel Set available at ClassicTurkishTowels.com if you are looking for luxury towels to keep on your garden table for a vintage hotel vibe.

5- Weed

Keep an eye out for weed, wildflowers and shrubs. They can pop up even in the smallest of the places.

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