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The Best Deals on Luxury Turkish Cotton Bath, Beach, & Hand Towels

About Us

Classic Turkish Towels has been the leader in Turkey's higher quality home textile
sector since the start of the foundation in 1993. They are ranked #1 out of over
2,000 towel companies in Turkey. In the following years, Classic Turkish Towels expanded
its production line to towels, bathrobes, fabrics, bed linen and hotel textiles with
the latest technology and its integrated departments of weaving, dyeing, cutting,
sewing, embroidery and packaging.

Classic Turkish Towels is committed to their mission to address environmental issues
within their factory and processing with respect for the environment, and
ultimately for humanity. Therefore, they are making production under the control
of Oeko-Tex. They have also ISO9001 certificates. More importantly, they invest
in people and protect their workers’ rights in full accordance with the law. Their
company is audited periodically by SEDEX.