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Thank you for shopping with Classic Turkish Towels, the real Turkish towels online. We appreciate our customers and enjoy providing these high quality cotton towels, robes and other products.

Updated 10/2019


We reserve the right to ship via a different compatible shipping carrier that has the same or similar delivery time.


Order cancellations of any kind may not be cancelled after 24 hours of placing an order.


In most cases, Classic Turkish Towels does not accept the following payment methods for inventory orders: Western Union, Cash, Escrow Services.
Visa, MasterCard, and Discover Card are acceptable payment methods; however, Classic Turkish Towels reserves the right to limit specific payment methods to select individual customers.

Classic Turkish Towels forbids using the credit card of a third party for order fulfillment purposes. If you and/or your organization is using a credit card not associated with the name of the primary Reseller contact person, Classic Turkish Towels must have signed authorization on file for us to be able to accept payment from said party. For payments made via credit card, Classic Turkish Towels charges its customers immediately once an order is placed.


Classic Turkish Towels requires each customer to furnish either a Federal Employer Identification Number (EIN), commonly known as a “Federal Tax ID”, or the Social Security Number of a principle owner within their respective organization. In certain cases, Classic Turkish Towels may seek additional tax permit information, such as Resale Certificates for Reseller customers based in some states.


Customers are restricted from selling under Classic Turkish Towels’ Amazon.com listings. Customers must create their own listings to sell products. Customers may not use any identifying information in their listings. Customers must not use the Classic Turkish Towels name or collection names. Collection names include Antalya, Arsenal, Barnum, Brampton, Hardwick, Shimmer, Duchene, Mei-Tal, Runa, and Villa. Customers that do not follow these restrictions may have their account terminated or face legal action. Any disputes between the customer and Classic Turkish Towels will be settled in the state of Connecticut. Should any dispute occur between the customer and Classic Turkish Towels, all legal fees will be paid for by the customer.  

Classic Turkish Towels strictly FORBIDS reseller websites from promoting Classic Turkish Towels merchandise if said website is also displaying pornographic, sexually explicit, graphically violent, and/or other material deemed offensive by Classic Turkish Towels. Threats or profanity by resellers made to Classic Turkish Towels, its representatives, and/or manufacturer partners may be subjected to account suspension. Classic Turkish Towels retains full authority to cancel dropship account status without prior notice, for any reason. Because of the sensitive nature of wholesale pricing levels, Classic Turkish Towels prohibits disclosure of its wholesale price information by Reseller customers to all third parties. All customer pricing should be considered CONFIDENTIAL and treated as such. Classic Turkish Towels reserves the right to terminate any agreement should terms not be followed by the customer.

Authentically Turkish

For more than 10 years, we have been sourcing the finest Turkish cotton from the scenic shores of the Mediterranean to bring to the USA. Our towels pay homage to Turkey's rich heritage, fusing time-honored artistry with modern opulence.

Quality You Can Feel

We handpick the finest Turkish cotton to make towels that are soft, durable, and truly special. Our team blends tradition with innovation, ensuring you get the best every time. It's the luxury of genuine craftsmanship in every product.

Antalya Turkish Cotton Bath, Hand, Washcloth Hotel Collection - 6 pc Towel Set - Classic Turkish Towels

Eco-friendly Promise

For us, quality goes beyond the product. We're committed to a greener planet. Our towels are made from 100% unbleached natural cotton, reflecting our promise to sustainability and eco-conscious practices.

  • En-Boy Dikim Machine in action

  • Manufacturing Facility showcasing Armurlu process

  • Manufacturing Facility showcasing Jakar process

Nationwide Recognition

Our commitment to excellence has led our towels to be featured on top marketplaces such as Bed Bath & Beyond, Wayfair, Amazon, and more. Though our reach is nationwide, our ethos remains the same: to bring a touch of Turkish luxury to every home.