Best Bath Towels: How to Pick Smartly?

Best Bath Towels: How to Pick Smartly?

The best bath towel is an essential part of any luxury lifestyle and interior bathroom décor. Bathing is a relaxing experience which can turn into a trouble with the low quality and cheap bath towel. A bathroom towel with the best quality and beautiful design can cheer you up and make your everyday uses experience pleasant.

Choosing a right kind of bath towel can be a difficult task for those who are unaware of the qualities that they must look for in the towels when they go shopping. If you are aware of certain criteria of the perfect, luxurious and high-quality bath towels you can do the online shopping of the bath towel at the comfort of your home without much hassle and can never go wrong.

The Prices of the Best Towels

If you are looking for a budget-friendly towel in the best quality too the solution is not necessarily the low priced towel. The best luxury and designer towel may appear expensive to you but they will last longer for many years and will not lose its real shape or get faded even after many washes. A cheaply priced towel will get faded so quickly with the multiple washes and would look so much ugly and worn out that you will have to buy a new one very often. The Turkish Towels or Egyptian Towels may seem high priced but they can last for many years, remain soft and fluffier even after many washes and do not get faded.

What Are the Qualities of the Best Bath Towels?

Most people remain unaware of the qualities of the best towels. Keep in mind that every beautiful looking towel may not be the right kind of towel which you are looking for. Here are some basic qualities of the bath towels


The thicker and softer towels which are much fluffy and pure pleasure to touch are not necessarily absorbent enough to serve the required purpose. The thin and light towels are usually more absorbent and dry out easily. The Turkish Towels and Egyptian Towels are usually made of pure cotton which makes them much absorbent they get dry quickly too without becoming smelly and damp. Always look for the basic contents of the bath towel that you are buying to know if they are 100% cotton or nylon mixed, as Rayon and Nylon mixed towels look beautiful and plush but they lack the good absorbency.


The consumers usually look for the soft and fluffy towels considering them to be the best ones but this is not necessarily true. Mostly, the plush value is due to the Nylon and Rayon mixed with cotton which results in lack of proper absorbency and late drying and smelly towels as result. The towels made of best quality cotton get soft and fluffier with many washes.


The best towels are durable and last for longer than ordinary towels. Usually, the two-ply towels are more durable than one ply towels. The 100% cotton towels are more absorbent and durable than Nylon and Rayon ones therefore mostly the gyms and high standard hotels prefer pure cotton towels for the best and lasting performance.

Premium cotton Towels

The best towels according to the consumers are the ones with the premium cotton content because the best cotton fiber creates the most absorbent, durable and comfortably soft towels which are quick in drying and become more soft and plush with the multiple washes. The best quality cotton bath towels remain in best condition for the much longer period of time thus they do not lose their original look and quality with the passage of time. They may appear to be more costly but the qualities of these bath towels make them far better than the ordinary bath towels.

What Are the Ways to Find the Best Bath Towels?

  • You must check the fiber content of any bat towels before buying them. You can look for the premium quality cotton towels or the ones which are cotton and nylon blend. They will be soft, absorbent and durable too.
  • Look for the production highlights, and buy the ones which have combed cotton, ring-spun cotton, and high twist ones because they last for longer and are best in use.
  • Consider the weight of the towel, usually, the 500 to 700 GSM ranged towels prove to be best in use but you can select according to your choice.


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