Designer Towels You Must Buy this Spring 2018

Designer Towels You Must Buy this Spring 2018

The towels are a staple of the bathroom accessories and it’s not necessary that you buy the old-fashioned boring looking bath towels that look faded and useless after a couple of washes. The Designer towels are the essential staple of the modern bathrooms. There are multiple kinds of designer towels such as beach towels, bath towels, hand towels, and bathrobes. Why not add a luxury and high-end style to your modern bath by getting the best designer towel.

Why Buy the Designer Towels?

There are various reasons for buying the best designer towels for your bathrooms and beach than any ordinary kind of towels. The towels are a part of the interior design of your modern bathroom. They have to be very absorbent, soft and comfortable but what about the design? You might not like to see a dull looking common towel hanging in your bath. The luxury and stylish bath towels are not just made of high-quality cotton, fine weaving, classy dying but they are also designed with intrinsic patterns and colors to add oomph to your bathroom décor.

The patterns, embroidery, and colors used for creating the luxury designer bath towels are so amazing that they add a pop of color to your bathroom and make the environment exciting.

There are many options in size and weight of the designer towels that you want to buy. They can be dense and weighty or lighter and fluffier opt.

The best designer towels feel softer in use and dry you out so quickly without any hassle. They also get dry easily without taking much time and never get smelly and damp for the longer period of time.

The ordinary towels are made of synthetic material and can be harsh on your skin but the original designer towels are made of cotton fabric which is softer, absorbent, and look extremely classy.

The designs of these towels are so artistic and amazing that you can choose the ones that look fabulous with your bathroom décor.

Luxury Bath Towels Brands that Produce the Best Designer Towels

There are many international brands which are producing high-end, luxury and designer towels. These towels are made of finest cotton fabric, latest design patterns, and exquisite needlework to reflect the edge to your bathroom.

Antalya Towels

If you are looking for finest embroidery towels that look extremely luxurious and stylish hanging in your bathroom; buy the Antalya Towels. They are well known for the intricate embroidery designed that depict the delicate botanical art which is so vivid that you can’t resist looking at it again and again.

Antalya Collection Towel Set - Embroidered Quality Turkish Towels


These designer towels are so fine, soft and fluffy that they are often referred as cashmere towels. The Brampton trademark towels are produced from the highest quality cotton thread which makes is super absorbent, soft and luxurious. These towels become softer and fluffier after many washes and prove to be the asset to your bathroom.

Brampton Collection Turkish Cotton Luxury Towel Set Ribbed


The US Testing Institute has confirmed the finest quality of these towels, proving them to be the best in colorfastness, absorption, and durability. They are available in the most beautiful colors and stylish designs that can enhance the beauty and elegance of the bathroom décor. The Barnum designer towels are produced in Turkey with the 100% quality assurance.


The best designer towels with exclusive qualities such as softness, absorbency, superb designs and budget friendly too are these Villa Collection towels. They outperform the durability and quality test from many other brands.

Villa Collection Luxury Hotel and Spa Turkish Cotton Towel Sets


If you are not looking for too much plush and soft towels and in best vibrant colorful designs than our Amadeus Collection is what you are looking for. They are springy towels with slightly rough and thinner texture.

Types of Luxury Designer Towels Available

There are many kinds of Designer Towels produced by the luxury brands here are some of them which you must own to fit your high-end and edgy bath décor and lifestyle.

  • Classic Turkish Towels
  • The Egyptian Towels
  • The Terry Cloth Towels
  • The Beach Towels
  • Hand Towel
  • Towel Bathrobe
  • Show Towel
  • Gym Towel

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