How To Care For Your Turkish Cotton Towel Or Bathrobe

How To Care For Your Turkish Cotton Towel Or Bathrobe


The cotton is a natural, fluffy staple fiber which grows on a plant and is woven into the threads to make clothes. There are many kinds of cotton which are used in making various kinds of clothes, bedding, fabrics, and towels. The most famous kind of cotton is Turkish cotton which is used to create fabulous kind of fabrics.

What is Turkish Cotton?

It’s the highest quality of cotton which consists of longer fiber. As the longer, the fiber is used in spinning yarn to make threads there are lesser joins which results in a stronger and smoother cotton thread. The best and most loved quality of the Turkish cotton is its longer fibers, due to which the fabric woven with it is stronger, smoother and lasting. It is grown in the small yet most fertile Aegean Region. The admirable quality of the Turkish cotton is that it gets fluffier, smoother and stronger with the excessive washing.

Turkish Cotton as Compared to Egyptian cotton

There are usually two best kinds of cotton produced in the world, Turkish cotton and Egyptian cotton. Here we can see some of the distinctive qualities of Turkish cotton as compared to Egyptian cotton.

  • The major quality of Egyptian cotton is its too much absorbency which is best if you want dresses, clothing items, sheets made of Egyptian cotton. But if towels are made up of Egyptian cotton, they tend to absorb too much of water and remain damp and wet for the longer period of time without drying. This results in getting the towels smelly and damp especially in the humid climate.
  • The Turkish cotton is highly absorbent but to a certain extent and it proves to be a great balance between absorbency and softness in the form of towels. Although the apparels and sheets made of Turkish cotton are famous, it is best known for the high quality, soft and lightweight towels.
  • The towels made of Turkish cotton provide maximum quality in fabric, absorbency, and quick drying. The best thing is that they become softer and smoother with multiple washes and longer use, without losing its shape and qualities.

Traditional Turkish Cotton Peshtemal Terry Cloth Towels

What Makes the Turkish Towels Best to Use?

The Turkish towel is considered to be the best be used and lasting because of multiple qualities and benefits. Classic Turkish Towels manufactures our textiles from the finest Turkish cotton collected from highly productive towel producing town, Denizli, Turkey which is world’s largest towel producing land.

The Turkish towels are produced from the finest Turkish cotton which has a longer fiber. The longer the fiber is the stronger and lasting towels it produces because of the less joins. The fabric is soft and fluffier which even improves with excessive use and washing without losing its color, shape, and quality.

The Turkish towels are woven and produced through the modern production machinery and facility along with computer controlled weaving equipment which creates the premium quality towels without any flaw.

There is a proper quality control system in a Turkish towel manufacturing companies, they are checked and ensured for the perfection thrice; after weaving, after dying, after stitching.

Mostly, the high-quality Turkish towel is double stitched along the lengths to prevent any kind of fraying and to develop the lasting stability.

Apparently, a Turkish towel is more costly than any other cotton towels, but in the long run, these towels remain in the best shape for the longer period of time than any inferior type of towels. Therefore the cost is a lasting investment for a long time as you won’t have to spend on it again and again.

What is the best way of taking care of a Turkish towel?

As the towels are exposed to dirt, dampness, oil, and germs they are needed to be frequently washed in Luke warm water and with a good quality detergent. The detergent should use in lesser quantity than any other washing and rinsed properly with water to remove the entire residue.

The cotton is a natural fiber and generally, the fresh cotton towels shed some fibers but are made from the premium quality Turkish cotton, they remain in good shape even after multiple washes.

Avoid the use of fabric softeners on the towels as they make them water repellent and lose their absorbency. You can use a spoon of white vinegar after some weeks to keep them fine and germ-free.


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