Ditch the Hotel – Plan Your Spa Station at Home

Ditch the Hotel – Plan Your Spa Station at Home

We bet no living being on Mother Earth in their right mind can say no to a vacation, right? Close your eyes for a moment. Imagine yourself in a far far-away exotic vacation resort.  Sipping cocktails or Pina Coladas on a beach, sun-bathing – that’s the stuff dreams are made of. And, then not to forget the stays in luxurious hotels with built in spas. Away from life, away from hectic routine, away from every responsibility! It would be just you taking a long rejuvenating and refreshing bath and then staying in your bathrobe or soft luxury towels for hotels for as long as you want, with no need to rush to get dressed or go to work. Sounds fabulous, doesn’t it?

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Now come back to reality. Bummer! We all know. As much as we all need to catch a break and go on a vacation every now and then, actually executing is quite tough. Going on a vacation includes a lot more than just buying a ticket. However, fret not. You can easily re-create an excellent spa staycation at home for yourself if you get just a little creative and improvise things for yourself.

First thing first – what makes a spa your dream place to be? Is it the specific high quality extra soft towels for hotels you get there, or scents of essential oils, or the massages, or the steam baths afterwards – or all of it together? You can get all of this at home. Pop in to your nearest drug store and get some scented candles. Lots and lots of it! While you are at it, get some candies too. You’ll need them later to munch on. And some snacks.

Next get some essential oils and some massage oils too. Lavender is an excellent choice if you are in to aromatherapy. Do a quick search on Google for wholesale Turkish Towels and order yourself the best stuff you can find, you want your spa staycation to be as real as possible.

Jumbo 40x80 Bath Sheets by Classic Turkish Towels Wholesale

Now, draw yourself a bath. Use bath salts; pour some drops of essential oil, burn some candles. Turn on some light music in the background and let your worries and burden melt away. Once done with your bath, wrap yourself in your new soft and luxurious Turkish towels for some post-shower optimal cover and do some face masks and manicures!

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