Top 5 Home Decor Ideas

Top 5 Home Decor Ideas

Have you been perusing lifestyle and home décor magazines to jazz up your place lately? Does it feel intimidating looking at all those perfectly staged houses shining in the glossy magazines? Well, for an average citizen, most of the home décor tips you get in housekeeping magazines can get a little overwhelming. That’s why we are here to help.

Here comes the best home décor ideas of all times. Whether you live in a small apartment or a five bedroom luxury house, it takes effort to liven up the living space to actually call it a home. We are going to keep it short, sweet and practical. Let’s begin:

1- Color Scheme

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It only makes sense to change the color scheme of your living room or bedroom walls if you are aiming for a change in house décor in minimum time. Neutral color scheme for walls is back in business in 2018. We highly suggest you don’t do dark accent walls like brick red, or purple; especially if you live in smaller apartments. That would just close up the space making it appear congested. Keep the color scheme neutral to create an illusion of brighter, bigger space.

2- Accent Accessories

Accent Colors For Your Room


How can you liven up your living room? Add bold vibrant accessories in accent colors. A dark navy couch with a neutral backdrop would really perk up the place. Throw on some throw pillows in bright popping colors for some fun and quirkiness.

3- Add a Vintage a Vibe

Best Home Decor Accent Colors For Your Room

A very easy quick fix to bring a very luxurious and expensive looking feel to your house is the addition of vintage accessories. A heavy gold candle stand perched on the table; an old rustic wooden coffee table in the center with a metal vase; or just a good ol’ telephone set displayed at a corner would get the job done.

4- Dress up Your Bathroom

Dress Up Your Bathroom Decor


You can turn your bathroom in a luxury spa if you play your cards right. Invest in fluffy, soft, luxury towels to display on a cool towel rack. Neutral colors would take you so far since they are easy on the eyes. Check out the to get your hands on some of the most sustainable luxury towels.

5- Let Nature In

Best Home Decor Ideas Top 5


Use window sills, room corners, sideways, lobbies, stairs and counter tops to display indoor plants. They not only bring in freshness in your home but also create a calming serene effect on your nerves.

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